CORE Continuity, quality, durability and comfort in a timeless design.

CORE by MGBlair is a customizable, mixed-material, modern and ultimately flexible option fitting for a wide variety of hospitality settings.


IP Champion 2016, reddot Award winner for design 2013 and 2014, and Design Excellence Award 2011.

Ultimate Flexibility

CORE lines let you mix and match all materials including fabric, wicker, metals, woods, etc giving ultimate flexibility when it comes to design.


Utilizing wheels and stacking designs, core furniture will make rearrangements easy.

CORE Arm Chairs

The CORE line of Arm Chairs are the definition of flexibility. Click below to see why.

CORE Side Chairs

This CORE Side Chairs and the GO-TO chair for modern dining, with ultimate durability and crisp, clean composition.

CORE Tables

Our CORE tables are variable as well. Mix and match table tops, heights, bases, and finishes to create the perfect environment for your guests.

CORE Chaise Lounges

Looking for lounging with style? Looking to set the scene for that perfect Instagram tag? CORE has a solution.

CORE Bar Stools

Our CORE line of Bar Stools bring variety to the money seat. Mix and match material and finishes to create the perfect perch for your most beloved guest.

CORE Benches

Don’t let your very public area turn very bland. Mass seating can still have mass appeal.