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Three tips outdoor furniture manufacturers can use to train retail partners
by Daniel Roberts

According to a report by Salesforce Training, over 50% of sales managers are too busy to train their sales teams.

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CINCINNATI, OHIO – March [day], 2019– SLIM Furniture, launched in 2017 as a consumer-focused business with an online presence and brick-and-mortar retail showroom in Cincinnati, has shifted to an exclusive US distributor model focused on the hospitality sector and will now be known as MGBlair.

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How a Summer Job Moving Furniture Inspired a Startup

Slim Furniture’s offerings try to ease hauling by making furniture that can be taken apart easily.

Slim Furniture rebrands to MGBlair

“We’ve seen phenomenal success in a relatively short period of time with the hospitality sector and have come to understand the design aesthetic and variety that’s important to them.”

Cincinnati furniture retailer rebrands, secures office for expansion

The design center has all of MGBlair’s offerings digitized in a smart environment so designers can bring in blueprints and drawings and the company can immediately create a design using its furniture.

Modular furniture manufacturer making moves from B2C to B2B

Empowerment has played into the hospitality market for MGBlair in what Blair and Plunkett call “monetizing your space” with the company’s easily assembled and disassembled pieces.

Maximize Your Space And Style With This Chic Storage Furniture

Here are eight unique pieces to help maximize every inch of space.